5 Packing Mistakes You May Make When You Move

Published on 12/30/2020
Many people will make several packing mistakes that damage their belongings. If you want to protect your valuables during a move, take this advice from your friends at  Columbia Smart Storage.

Avoid these 5 Packing Mistakes

Overpacking the Boxes
Boxes, no matter the size, can only store but so many things. A lot of people tend to overpack the boxes and need to physically shove items down as they try to tape it shut. Our advice? Only pack what will fit in the box. Easy!

Forgetting to Label the Contents
How many times have you stored things in boxes only to forget what’s in them later? You won’t have to guess anymore if you label the boxes as soon as you place the contents inside. Never forget to label. It’ll preserve your sanity when looking for your items later at home or in self storage.

Not Making the Best Use of Space
Unless it’s a collector’s item, you don’t need a single box to store one teddy bear. Some people don’t use the space that’s inside boxes to their advantage. Plan ahead before packing. Make sure what you have will fit in the box, and pack according to the box’s size and the number of items you’re packing.

Not Protecting Fragile Items
People often pack mirrors, glass tabletops and glassware without protecting them from damage. Sometimes wrapping them with newspaper isn’t the most secure solution. Get some packing peanuts for the boxes and some bubble wrap for the items. You’ll protect your things a lot better if you take the time to wrap them correctly.

Using the Wrong Packing Materials
Are you trying to pack a heavy item in a lightweight cardboard box? Maybe you should use a plastic tote instead. Use the right packing materials to make sure you’re protecting your items during the move.

Moving? Make Sure to Pack the Right Way
Most people get so caught up moving into their new homes that they forget about the little things, such as how to pack their belongings correctly. Thankfully, we have you covered with useful tips to keep your items safe during the move. If you’re planning to move, why not use self storage to your advantage? It’ll keep your valuables safe and secured whether you plan to move them into your home now or in the near future. If you need storage in Columbia, MO, during your move, please be sure to check us out www.columbiasmartstorage.com!