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Our Self Storage Facility in Columbia, MO


At Columbia Smart Storage we are dedicated to making your rental experience fast, simple, and secure.  That's Self Storage Done Smart! 

Clean and Safe

At Columbia Smart Storage we are dedicated to provide our customers with a clean, safe, and well-lit facility. 

Customer Service

At Columbia Smart Storage we promise to provide an excellent self storage experience to every customer.  

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Rental Policies

Prohibited Storage Items

  • Flammable or combustible items
  • Hazardous materials, extremely hazardous waste/materials
  • Items that will attract pests (example: animal feed)
  • Items susceptible to mold or mildew
  • Anything living (e.g., plants, animals, people)
  • Controlled Substances
  • Storage of vehicles is prohibited

Rental Policies

  • Rents are due on the 1st of each month
  • Rents are late on the 6th of each month and there is a $20 late fee
  • Any unit 16 days or more past due on rent will be overlocked and tenant’s gate code will be disabled
  • Any unit in default for longer than 45 days will be subject to auction at management discretion
  • Fourteen (14) day advance notice required for move-out
  • Any move-out prior to the end of the month will not be afforded prorated rent
  • Our advertised rates include a 10% discount for paying on time.
  • Any customer not on auto-pay with two or more consecutive months of late payments will see a 10% increase in the rental rate for the remainder of their time as a customer
  • Any customer on auto-pay with two failed payments, will incur a 10% increase in their rental rate for the duration of their tenancy
  • Management can increase rents with a 30-day notice
  • All entrances, driveways and alleyways located at the storage facility will be plowed on a "as needed" basis determined solely at the owner's discretion.  Owner does not remove any snow and/or ice that is located in front of any individual storage units.  During inclement weather, owner reserves the right to deny any or all access to the storage facility without any advanced notice.

Security Policies

  • The property is monitored and recorded at all times by CCTV
  • Loitering is prohibited
  • Littering and/or leaving unwanted belongings outside of unit is prohibited.
  • Opening, breaking the seal, or entering into any unit not listed in the lease agreement will be treated as trespassing and will be reported to the police; voiding the lease agreement
  • Cleaning, maintenance or repair of vehicles and other items is prohibited
  • Unauthorized changes to, tampering with and/or destroying facility property, including but not limited to gate, cameras, and individual units, will result in a voided lease agreement and potential civil damages where applicable. 
  • Any activity deemed illegal by local, state and federal laws is prohibited, and will be reported to proper authorities. It will also void the lease agreement.
  • All persons with access to unit(s) must have name and signature on file. Failure to do so will be treated as trespassing and will void the lease agreement.
  • In the event that a lease agreement is voided, tenant will be asked to remove their belongings from the facility immediately. No refunds will be provided.

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